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OK, so after not seeing a single other 86 for two weeks since I got mine, I saw two in 24 hours earlier this week..

First was on Tuesday night. I couldn't tell you the colour because it the street lights were out, only spotted it was an '86 from the shape of the headlights. I was sat in a queue on the A6 just off Junction 6 of theM61. It was heading away from the motorway towards Wigan(ish).

Second was a black one, on Wednesday afternoon on the Mancunian way in Manchester town centre. Sat in traffic by the underpass with the new 'TV screen' style billboard on it.

Anyone? I wasn't in mine when I saw the first one, but if you were in the one on the Mancunian Way, I was the one who drove past you in the outside lane in a grey '86 .
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