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Toyota is planning to produce the GT 86 convertible version, but the company didn’t announce when the new model will be launched.

Even if Toyota didn’t officially announce that the GT 86 convertible will hit the production line, the company’s chief designer, Tetsuya Tada, has recently confirmed the model, while speaking to the guys at Tetsuya Tada is saying that the Toyota GT 86 has been designed from the start in order to be made as a drop-top.

“The GT 86 was designed from the outset so that we can build it as a convertible”, as the Toyota chief designer told

Sadly we don’t have any more details on the Toyota GT Convertible, but as a reminder, the Toyota GT-86 is 4.240 mm long, 1.285 mm tall and 2.570 mm wide, being the most compact four-seat sports car on the market. The weight distribution is 53:47 (front to rear). The model is powered by the Subaru borrowed 2.0 liter four-cylinder with the company’s D-4S direct injection technology, which is sending the 197 HP at 7.000 rpm and 205 Nm of torque (151 lb-ft) at 6.600 rpm to the rear wheels.
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