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You may already know but if not, it's useful to realise that the "Saved" Contacts Phone Book in the Touch&Go uses the standard .VCF (Visitor Card Format) for Business Cards. See here for more details. Note that the standard Toyota uses is v2.1...

This is very handy because if you want to load up your box correctly first time without having to go through the laborious process of individually saving contacts downloaded from your phone, you can just use the USB "Save & Restore Contacts" facility by creating all your .vcf's on a USB first and then simply choose the "restore contacts from USB" function from the "General" Setup menu.

The files are saved in a folder on the USB disk inE:\Contacts\Phone (subst E: for your drive letter) with a name like this:Margaret _ Norman.vcf (I've used this particular one to show that you can have non-letter symbols in the name as well - each replaced with an _ (underscore)) Obviously, I've changed my sister's number so that you don't all go ringing her!
The Filename (FN below) is the one that actually appears on screen...

This is how the format looks: (use a true text editor like notepad.exe to open/edit it)

FN;CHARSET=UTF-8:Margaret & Norman
ADR;CHARSET=UTF-8:;;98 Bracken Road;;;;

This also allows you to do something that you can't do from T&G's "Add new contact" screen which is to enter a correctly formatted country code using the "+" symbol too... (you could use the above card as a template to create others, just remember that if you want to use the "&" sign, just use an underscore in the filename at the same position)

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