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I wanted to get other users experience with this company. I placed an order for an Invidia N1. The order went through fine. I received no email confirmation or anything which I found a little unusual since every other company that I have ever used always send you an email.

So after waiting a few day with nothing I decided to call them. I tried 3 time’s and never once did anyone pick up the phone. I tried to contact them via WhatsApp and still got no reply. So finally I contacted them on Instagram and got a reply. The part is not in stock. No a problem I thought, I could wait a while, so I asked how long was the wait. The reply was shocking, they don’t know!! So is it going to be a week, a month, a year, they couldn’t tell me.

From reading their reviews this seems to be a common theme. No updates on orders, the customer has to chase them for updates, it’s ridiculous that they can’t even give an estimate on delivery times.

If anyone knows of another supplier that has stock of the Invidia N1 please let me know and I would be more then happy to cancel my order with Torqen and place it with another retailer.
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