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Really odd one, hopefully someone with more experience than me might have an idea. My 2013 GT86 went in for its valve spring recall and its come out with the most horrendous suspension creak from the passenger side rear. I've put a link to a video I shot of it. Anything other than a perfectly flat road and it creaks like an old bed.

Its got Ohlins Road and Track coilovers that have been on for a couple of years and personally I think its far too loud to be coming from the dampers. Its weird because it most certainly didn't do this before they took it in. They also changed the clutch and MOT'd it while it was in, none of the work seems like something that would require them touching the rear suspension.

Obviously going to take it in for them to fix but I'm just waiting for them to blame the after market suspension...

Anyone got any ideas what could cause noise like that? Just want to be armed before talking to toyota really.

Heres the video

Suspension Creak

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