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Hiya guys,

I don't know much about cars, but I knew I wanted a GT86.
I spent about 6 months last year researching and monitoring the GT86.
Over that time my mental budget slowly increased!
My initial thoughts were around 16K, but by November 2020 I was prepared to pay 22K.

I was looking 2nd hand, but not too old and not massive mileage. Then BAM!
A dealer had a demo showroom model, 30 miles on the clock.
On Monday it was little change from 30K. On Tuesday it was 24K to clear!
They were getting rid.
Registered Sept 30th, 70 plate.
Short version, called them, bought it.

Got it home and discovered that despite being the beauty that it is, the car stereo was BASIC. It was a radio.
Not even a sat nav.

A year on and I have done about 2000 miles. Mainly due to a long stay in hospital :(

I have upgraded the stereo head unit to a Pioneer multimedia thingy. And a reverse camera fitted. Which I never use.

I have the issue with closing the boot!

I have never owned a car from new my whole life and this was my mid-life treat to myself.
I love it! But it will be getting new speakers!

Have you guys done any upgrades and modifications with your cars?

Thanks for reading :)

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Hey Peter & welcome!

I also have a facelift 86 in starlight blue.
I also love it.
As far as mods go, I’ve made a start - mine is lowered on Tein Flex A coilovers to get rid of that arch gap and I’ve put a set of 18’s to set it off. Rear windows tinted (which is a cheap but effective mod), strut brace on the front and a K&N panel filter. I also have a cat back exhaust due to arrive in the next three weeks, but then I’m leaving her alone for a while!
Do you have plans for yours? Where are you based?

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Hi Peter, presumably you became less bored once you got your GT86? 🙂

I've had my 62 plate car 2 years, only "mod" I've done is Michelin Cross Climate + tyres (which I've been very happy with) but previous owner did a couple of chassis mods, mainly aftermarket Coilover suspension (dropped about 25mm from stock). Suspension mods are fairly popular, as are a decat manifold and remap to get rid of the 'infamous' torque dip (if it just so happens you don't know what I'm talking about, just Google GT86 torque dip and I'm sure you'll get plenty of results, or do a search on here).

Personally I think the car is fine just the way it is (with a nicely run in engine and Shell V power). Might have to add a free-er breathing filter (e.g. K&N or Pipercross if they do one) next year.
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