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Hi all,

I'm selling my Valenti tail lights. As background, these lights were purchased a couple of years ago second hand. Last winter, I noticed the drivers side taillight had collected a little water, so I refitted both clusters with GasketNinja replacements, sealed with 3M weatherproof sealant.

Unfortunately, on refitting the lights, I noticed that on the passenger side cluster, 4 of the indicator LEDs had stopped functioning. The light is still perfectly serviceable, the indicator is still very visible, and the LEDs that are out are all grouped together, so it's not even that obvious - but, knowing that it was there has triggered me, so I decided to replace the clusters entirely.

Since replacing the clusters, I have since discovered that the LEDs that are out aren't actually dead. Typically, the moment I bought myself new lights, I noticed that the LEDs were only not working when it was cold - after a chilly night they stopped working, but during the day they were fine. This leads me to believe that it's simply some dry joints on those LEDs, which someone with a bit of patience and a bit of skill with a soldering iron might be able to remedy.

I have neither, but it seems a shame to just throw out an almost fully functional set of Valenti clusters for a problem which (A) someone else might not even be bothered with a (B) might be capable of rectifying. So I am offering them for sale here for anyone who falls into the above categories.

So to reiterate:
  • Valenti Clear/Red Non-Sequential Tail Lights with original packaging.
  • Drivers's side cluster working perfectly
  • Passenger's side cluster - 4 LEDs working intermittently (see picture)
  • Both clusters recently had new gaskets fitted.
- Location is Rochester, Kent
- Price: £100 (including delivery)

Rather than attach images directly, here is a link to an album where I have included pictures of both the clusters, showing which LEDs are at fault.
I've also included a couple of short videos to prove it's only the passenger side with the problem.

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