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Hi All,

I'm selling my iPhone 7 which has always been a secondary phone for me (for Instagram, WiFi hunting, international trips, etc). I've no need for it anymore so I'm listing it for sale.

- Capacity: 128GB
- Colour: Jet Black
- Condition: It does have light markings on the casing but screen is mint.
- Network: Unlocked
- Battery Health: 83%

As mentioned it's been a secondary phone for me, it's never been dropped and the screen is in super good condition. While the main button is in good condition and fully functional, I use the assistive touch button so it's easier for me to press.

I've never cared much about the casing condition when I bought it as I knew I'd always have a case with it. As such, I'll bundle this listing together with a Lightning cable and the Spigen Rugged Armor case which is silicone and has little carbon looking bits to it (now you know why I bought it). I'll also throw in a MegaMount because I don't use it.

- Price: £150 posted
- Payment: PayPal/Cash
- Location: Hertfordshire
- Collection: Can do with social distancing

Oddly enough, never taken a photo of the iPhone - but you know what an iPhone 7 is!

Thanks :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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