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GR Yaris.... Obvs
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I popped into my dealer for some AE86 parts. Bless them, they had saved me the GT86 promo posters and had a GT86 in the compound. After a search they found the keys:

Absolutely besotted just about sums it up. I am actually at the launch in Salford this coming Thursday (12th July). The dealer are putting my AE86 in the showroom alongside the new car!

My car:

I think I've followed every stage of the development of this car. Part of the deal for Toyota using my car is that I get a test drive of course as well as some GT86 goodies (I'm building a fair old collection!). If I'm in love after the test drive I will be ordering one of these for late spring 2013 or so. :)

I feel like I'm obsessed about it at the moment. All I want to check is that it can go nicely sideways round roundabouts in the wet, just like I do (nearly everyday at the moment) in my AE86! ;)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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