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GR Yaris.... Obvs
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Went to the launch last night, twas lots of fun.

Here's how we got on.

And finally after much video and speeches, here it comes!

This one had half leather/alcantara with heated seats. £1600 option but you kind of have to really I think. Was nice.

One for the rear light fans:

My friend Tom tried out the rear for size whilst I sat up front. Verdict was, it's fine for giving lifts back from the pub, but the would be about it. I tried it in the back too. There really is very little room. No good for long journeys. But, I have passengers in the back of my car about twice a year and reckon it'd be nice and cosy for Indy, my little dog. ;)

Well, it's not often you get the honour of having your car in the showroom for a launch!

Love this one as it's with the man from Toyota Japan guarding my AE86. ;)

View from the rear:

Well, you would, wouldn't you? ;)

Overall it was good fun and I love the car. Next stop, test drive! :)

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Very nice. You'll love it when you get your test drive. Had mine yesterday, absoutely smitten. Only 3 more weeks to wait ...
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