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We have a
fantastic offer for you!

We have in
stock front pads in our .10 Fast Road and Trackday compound, these offer an
excellent step up in performance from the OE material particularly in fade
residence making them an essential upgrade before taking the 86 out on track. The
great thing about these pads is they use a low wear low dust compound and
incorporate several noise reducing technologies unlike other trackday pads
which can squeal and be very dusty.

We are
offering these at a very low member’s price of £46.45 (including VAT) per front axle set.

Please feel
free to contact me for further information


Email: [email protected]Tel: 01295 221 020

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Just goes to show how the badge on the front of the car determines the price of the aftermarket parts. The exact same pads for my M3 CS and 911 were 3 times the price!

That said these are the best performance pads and at this price a total bargain. Charlie pls pm me when u can offer f & r pads pls.
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