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Hey everyone,

I am considering to get a Milltek resonated catback for the upcoming season as I heard it is one of the quieter catbacks but still sounds nice, another benefit is that it's a little lighter than stock.

The reasons why I want a quiet catback are the following:
- Car is supercharged (HKS v2) and I am strongly considering removing the cat from the OEM header (cheap option) or having a shop replace it with a 200 cell HJS cat (costs about 900€ I think)
- I don't know if the supercharger alone added noise, but I'm from Germany and we are not allowed to make the car louder than stock at certain RPM ranges. In case the police stops you and thinks the car is too loud they can measure the noise, this is done in neutral at 3750 rpm. Stock the GT86 is 79db loud at 3750 rpm. There is a tolerance of 5db though, so if the car is measured with 84db everything is fine and they let you go.

I tried to find something with the search function, but most people run catless UEL headers or other combinations.
Do you think this combination would stay below the 84db mark or do you have recommendations regarding another catback which is even quieter with a nice sound?
I read the invidia q300 is very quiet, unfortunately it is illegal in Germany.

Much thanks and best regards
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