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Hi we have a GT86 2013 from new and the radio has started to loose constant reception . For no reason we can be driving and the radio seems to loose aerial reception - lots a fuzzy noise and then the signal comes back .
We tried re tuning but no change . The radio accepts blue tooth such as amazon music and the mobile phone link works works correctly. The radio is FM and has a code TAS300 below the power on off/ volume switch . There is no sat nav software loaded in the radio .
We tried touching the aerial on the roof but no change.

We suspect the aerial lead at the back of the radio must be loose so we want to remove the radio and its surrounding front fascia. We plan to replace the radio with a 2014 TAS300 which includes the sat nav software ( is this possible and are connections all the same ?) BUT how to you lift the bottom clip in the middle of the fascia - Is there a special thin blade / tool to lift the plastic tang ?
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