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Just got a 15 plate gt86, And I wanted to do a stage 1 tune, I read about waynes Roms, and the standard Open Flash tune but am unsure which one to put on. I want to reduce the dip have gneral power and I'm curious about launch mode. I've seen so much info and am confused. I watched videos on youtube saying if i may loose the starting growl from cold.
And advice ould be appreciated. I'm guessing you've heard this time and time again so I apologise ans wonder if you could point me to the thread.

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Hello and welcome 👋 we are here to help.

Forgive the candour but are you finding the torque dip to be an issue? There is a lot of.... 'torque' 😂 about the dip and I feel it's become a bit of a internet myth that it "must to be fixed". So before we go down the rabbit hole of modifications... As with all threads like this one, my advice is the same:

Take some time to get to know the car first. Work out what you like and don't like, set some goals and make a plan.
Would you like a fast road car, or a car that goes on track a few times a year, maybe even a full on track day weapon?
Alternatively, maybe you fancy going down the OEM+ route or you may prefer a 2000's style show car?
The key thing is, to have a plan and not worry too much about what folk say on the internet

Open Flash & Waynes Roms
Way back when I looked in to this, all the maps were all based on US fuel. However, I believe this has now changed?
I came to conclusion that while it looked interesting, it wasn't the path for me as I liked the idea of having the support of an engine tuner. It's nice to be able to pick up the phone and ask for help, especially as the ECU is single most complicated item on the car.
This is in stark contrast to everything else on the car, which I'm militant about doing myself.

Based on what I've read/seen, the Open Flash tunes make some difference but like all software based solutions, they won't remove the dip completely.
Here is a screenshot from Fensport's NA Remap package. The dip is still very much there before and after the tune, all be it with more area under the curves 👍
Rectangle Slope Plot Font Parallel

Granted Fensport are using a different map created with different software but... it accomplishes the same thing as the basic tune provided by the Open Flash tablet. There is only so much magic a software based solution can provide.

Which leads on nicely too...

More Than Just A Tune
While a simple tune can make some difference, it won't be anywhere near as effective as replacing the exhaust manifold at the same time.
In my humble opinion, the gold standard are from the likes of Tomei and Ace, these however come at a cost.

To make things simple, Fensport and Tuning Developments both offer kits. There are plenty of folk who have these kits, or homebrew variations of them installed, with great results in the real world 👍

Do you "need" to go down this route for a road car? As alwasy, it's down to you but I'd say it's not a requirement... it does however come into its own when you are using the car on track 🏁

Cold Start
From the factory, the engine retards the timing when it's cold. I believe this to help with emissions? I personally think it also helps drive-ability.
When making changes to the exhaust, in particular the cat-less manifolds mentioned above, it leads to a biblical amounts of noise. This is why most tuners give you the option to remove it.

So were as there are gains to be had with software, you have to ask... is it worth it?
If you are going to add hardware, it makes a lot of sense to have it all installed before you tune the car. This is where having a good plan comes in to it's own.

I'll all for modifying cars, I just wanted to make sure didn't spend your hard earned cash, on something that didn't give you what you were hoping for.

Note To Self: Create a FAQ section for common questions 🙃
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