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Hi All,

I'm contemplating on selling my TOM's full LED V1 rear lights. They've been amazing and I love them, but I'm not if I'm fancying a change (for no other reason other than I just feel like a change, VLAND perhaps?).

I bought these from a salvaged car 5 years ago and they are great. The driver side light fits perfectly, while the passenger light always needed a form of massaging to get the fitment about 95% in and true. There has been evidence that the previous owner has used some sort of heat gun to shape the plastics on the passenger light but it's not evident with the boot closed.

The passenger light has been susceptible to water ingress but I don't think it's due to the plastic, I think it's more to do with the shonky Toyota gaskets that are supplied with the cars. I've dumped the old Toyota gaskets in favour of Gasket Ninja but after 5 years of use, a few fixes with the handy hair dryer technique, I have just swapped out the Gasket Ninja with a neoprene cut out which should do the trick once more.

Even with the water ingress and fixes, the LED lights work flawlessly, I love the layout of the lights and how different they are to many others on the market.
I am hoping if it does sell that it'll go to someone who has a much more hands on approach with the car that will allow them to fix up the left light and make it 100% again, it's done me so so well and it'll be such a shame if someone does love this set as much as I do.

Price would be £300 and ideally I'd like it collected due to the size and packaging required, but also because of how rare these lights are, I wouldn't want to risk sending it and having it damaged.

Thanks for taking the time to read the post, I'm more than happy to answer any questions so if you have any, let me know below or drop me a message.


Condition: Good
Price: £300 Collected
Location: Hatfield, Hertfordshire

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