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So I recently became a member of the forum after collecting the car at the end of last month. So far the car ticks all the boxes and is great fun to drive. Pretty happy with the purchase.

The car is a MY2013 with recall and HPI check done before I bought it. It passed both. The car has low mileage and been looked after previously, with FTSH.

I went out for a country road blast in the sun and grabbed some pictures:

The first thing I wanted to sort was the gear surround trim, which had previously been scuffed:

I had a few options:

1. buy a new one
2. paint mine
3. wrap in carbon fibre (I had some spare from some previous dash trim wrapping)

Decided to work with my existing one, and painting was out as the chances of colour match with the other silver pieces was slim. So, I set about carbon wrapping it. Pretty happy with the results, blends into the dash nicely and could pass for oem:

Next up, I was never a fan of the amount of badges on the boot lid. The only one I thought wasn't necessary is the Toyota text on the left hand side. Toyota even did away with it themselves on the face-lift GT86! The font doesn't match the GT86 font and makes the boot lid look too cluttered in my opinion.

At the same time as I put my private plates on the car (5 digit reg with shorter plates), I removed the Toyota text badge.



Much better/cleaner.

While on the topic of private plates, I removed the UK plate holder and mounted my shortened plate to the existing mounts for the plate holder:

Again, much cleaner. And that's it for now, I'm sure there'll be more to come.


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Looks great (y)
The carbon around the gear lever looks much better than the original silver, good choice.
I was going to spend today removing the rear badges from mine, but due to circumstances at work, today is my only day off.
So I'm just going to go out and drive it instead 馃榿

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Washing my car the other day, decided I quite like the three boot badges on mine, but maybe that's 'cos I'm an old fart that grew up seeing cars like this:

1) Fiat Strada Abarth 130TC - Not just quite a long name but also spelt out in 4 different colours on the boot !

2) Triumph Spitfire - rear view actually has TRIUMPH in two different fonts 馃槂 (possibly not obvious due to shot angle, but the boot font is in itallics....)


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Nice motors! There is no right or wrong, all down to personal preference (y)

Me, I'm not a fan of all boot badges removed aside from the Toyota emblem at the top. To me, it looks a bit too bare. I think the Toyota emblem and the GT86 badge looks spot on.

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Few more updates to document.....

I noticed a hole in the side marker on the driver's side:

I was originally going to order a replacement from Toyota, then explored my options and bought a pair of Valenti smoked LED side markers:

Removing the originals seemed easy enough, or so I thought. 9 years of the original clips residing in the wheel arch had taken its toll on them. The bracket bracing that houses the wheel arch liner clip snapped off on both sides and the clip overall had seen better days.

I got on the phone to my local Toyota dealer and ordered a pair of side marker brackets, which promptly arrived:

I set about drilling out the original rivets. The top one was a doddle, but the side one was a git. As I didn't want to remove the bumper, and couldn't pull it far enough away from the car to get a drill on it, I drilled it from the top hat side of the rivet. Time and patience was key here!!

Victory was mine! Old brackets off and looking way past their best:

New brackets riveted on:

And finally, Velenti smoked LED side markers installed:

More to come.... ;)
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