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I haven't seen the car let alone on a ramp yet, but from what I can gather on the net this appears to be quite a task. They seem to be harder than Impreza's even which are manageable one you remove the washer bottle and airbox.

Having a look on the BRZ Manual available online it appears to involve removal of the exhaust, front wheels, arch liners, an ECU, coil packs (obviously!), the front engine mounts and raising the engine up to access them!

Luckily the service interval for them is 60,000 miles so should not need to do them too often!

Also it appears the (NGK) heat range of the plug is a 9 which is unheard of in a naturally aspirated engine. Generally most N/A cars run a 6 standard and turbo cars run a 7, possibly an 8. So it seems Toyota/Subaru are expecting some hot explosions going on inside

Other service intervals to note (all taken from US BRZ manual) are:

Engine Oil changes 7,500 miles
Pollen filter 24,000 miles
Manual Gearbox Oil 30,000 miles (inspect, not change unless necessary)
Air filter 30,000 miles
Brake Fluid 30,000 miles
Differential Oil 30,000 miles
Automatic Transmission Fluid 60,000 miles
Fuel Filter 75,000 miles
Engine Coolant Replace after 11 years, then every 6 after

So it seems the expensive service will be the 30,000 mile one, especially so at 60,000 for auto owners.
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