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Hi everybody,made a member of your site yesterday i run a on-line web
shop,just to let everybody know we are now the
official importers of of MGP CALLIPER COVERS from the USA
these are very high quality unique products that will give you GT86 a
great new look for very little investment you can design your own
calliper covers by sending us your choice of image you would like to be
engraved on them colour choice is also available,we are busy uploading
the info onto our site but with over 5000 applications available its
going to take a bit of time lol

if you get a bit of time please visit to
get a better idea of the product,should anybody be interested in these
calliper covers 10% discount is available on group buy of only 5 sets,my
contact number is on the site should you wish to speak with me just ask
for Gary

couple of videos on these callipers can be found here
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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