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I have an android head unit installed, and everything is working great except I cannot seem to fit the aerial so can't listen to radio stations. I have a dab aerial so digital radio works but FM/AM doesn't.

There is also no connector/socket for the aerial, so I'm wondering how do I get it connected? I have an aerial connector that I bought online but there's no connection for it in the car, there is a connection for it in the head unit though. (CT27AA130 Toyota Fortuner, GT 86, Hiace, Highlander, Hilux Aerial Adaptor With DIN Antenna Connector)

Looking at the OEM head unit, it was a touch n go nav unit, and the aerial cable seems to go into the head unit and its connected to itself, not sure why that is.

You can see in the attached picture, the OEM head unit has the aerial cable connecting to itself (see the connector on the far right). So how do I connect the aerial to a third party head unit if there's no connector cable visible?


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