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So recently I had my wheels and tyres replaced after a hectic fight with a pothole ended badly for my car.

I purchased a set of 225/45/r17 8.5J Shogun rims. After having it fitted, rather than the issue with the stock rims (where the entire tyre was hiding scared under the wheel arches), these new rims are extending slightly outward from my wheel arches. I was hoping to just get a flush look with the tyre and wheel in closer alignment as well as preventing any wheel/arch contact. but since the tyres are already purchased and cant be returned, whats my next best option forward (possibly rolling the fender arches?). I know I need to drop the suspension at some point in time, I hear echoes in between that wheel gaps.

Im not sure if the mechanics used spacers, can only see once the car is finally back from the mechanics

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