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I'm selling my immaculate GT86. I've owned it since new (bought Nov 2015) and had it serviced every year at Chichester Toyota even though it's only had around 2500 miles on the clock each year. It's only just out of its "run in" period, but expanding family forces reluctant sale.

It's been faultless throughout it's ownership, and not only is it still within it's Toyota Warranty, but this can be extended from November - they're offering two years for the price of one at the moment!

In terms of options, I went for:
- no spoiler for a sleeker look
- rear parking sensors (factory fitted)
- drivers arm rest (essential for comfort)
- rear parking sensors
- supra guard paint protection

It comes with climate control/air con, touchscreen multimedia, bluetooth phone/music, height adjustable seats (I'm over 2m tall and fit fine!). Keyless entry (two keys) and all the other usual spec.

I had the rear tyres changed to Maxxis Premitra for their more predictable handling, and the front are Michelin Primacy with lots of life. I've got a near-new Primacy spare which I can include as well.

The bodywork is great as you can see - I've always waxed it after washing and kept it under cover in the winter months. There are slight scuffs on the passenger-side alloys but these could be reconditioned easily.

I put a new higher spec Bosch battery in a few months ago and it starts first time even having been left for a while (the original battery was known to be poor).

You won't find a lower mileage or better condition car for it's age out there. I'd planned to keep it forever but a third child on the way is stretching how much I can pretend it's a "family car"!

Happy to arrange viewings in Chichester
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