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  1. For Sale - GT86 / BRZ Parts/Upgrades
    A set of GT86 performance pack wheels in 17x7.5 et 48 with 5x100 P.C.D. This set of wheels fit over the performance pack Brembos so should be suitable for other big brake kit. They are all in great condition, one has very minor chip and another one with a minor kerb as shown in the photos...
  2. For Sale - GT86 / BRZ Parts/Upgrades
    Just taken these off my car and replaced with some after market wheels. These are the stock wheels, but look like they've been cleaned up and painted white - not sure if they were powder coated (doubtful). The rims are in pretty good condition but some scratches on some of the rims; no...
  3. Chassis, Wheels & Tyres
    After reducing the arch gap and want to bring the wheels out level with the body. Does any know what ET i should be looking at on new wheels? Also if i put new springs on i’ve seen Tein 15mm drop or 25mm. 15 does seem enough but worried 25 might break my back? Anyone got through these thoughts?
  4. Chassis, Wheels & Tyres
    Hi guys, I've had my 2015 86 for nearly two years now, and all of a sudden after getting the rear tyres changed the balance of the car feels really off, mainly at higher speeds. It used to feel planted and controlled even up to naughty speeds. Now I feel like wind is hitting the car subtly even...
  5. For Sale - GT86 / BRZ Parts/Upgrades
    Gloss black MSW 27 oz racing alloy wheels. Comes with point s tires all in good condition and black nuts and locking wheen nuts to finish them off nice. 18inch by 7.5j. £400ono collection, extra for delivery. Ne24. Message me for more details.
1-5 of 5 Results