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  1. Toyota Dealer & Trader Reviews
    Hi all, Can anyone please recommend from experience a good garage to use in the Oxford area for a big service for a 69k mileage GT86? I am in need of new spark plugs so ideally want to take it somewhere with experience where it will be done right without issues. I have only recently moved to...
  2. Toyota Dealer & Trader Reviews
    Hi all....had a very disappointing experience with this dealership today. Looked up mytoyota & saw the recommended service is full service 60k/6yr which includes spark plugs as per screenshot. Had to call as I wanted to check I could book a collection on the day & to say leave the airfilter as...
  3. General GT 86 / BRZ Discussion
    Hey! So I recently bought a completely stock 86 this year, and the 3 previous owners of it all did the servicing through Toyota. I took it to Toyota for servicing the first month of getting the car, and plan on taking it to Toyota every time for servicing. I want to do modifications to the...
1-3 of 3 Results