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  1. Chassis, Wheels & Tyres
    Hi guys I need help/advice from other people who have Tein Flex A coilovers. On the rear I originally lowered 20mm from the standard height Tein set the coilovers at. I then went to get it lowered more but the guy who fitted them told me they are maxed out eventhough there is a lot of thread...
  2. For Sale - GT86 / BRZ Parts/Upgrades
    I have a brand new set of Tein Coilovers for sale which I have had for a couple of years but have never got around to fitting them. They are brand new and the first time they’ve been out of the box was to take these photos. (Box is grubby as they were stored in my workplace for 6 months). SOLD
1-2 of 2 Results