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  1. Chassis, Wheels & Tyres
    It's gotten to that time where I need to replace my front brake pads. I need recommendations, I don't really want to spend more than £100 and I only really need them for the road as I ain't planning on tracking it but I do throw it about on b roads on the weekends. Educate me with your brake...
  2. Chassis, Wheels & Tyres
    Hi guys, I’ve got a low miles 2016 Aero and I’ve been noticing a lot of brake squeal at low speed, light braking. I’ve had them apart, plenty of meat on the pads still obviously as it’s only done 16k so I put copper slip on all the mating faces and gave them a good clean but the noise has...
  3. Chassis, Wheels & Tyres
    Hi All, I'm looking to replace my standard OEM brake discs and pads front and rear. Euro car parts offer both Brembo and Pagid discs and pads for the standard OEM sizes (294mm OD front, 290mm OD rear). Does anyone have any experience with either of these, and whether one is better than the...
1-3 of 3 Results