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alloy wheels
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  1. For Sale - GT86 / BRZ Parts/Upgrades
    FOR SALE - 4 x GT86/BRZ 17” Alloy Wheels (OEM) + Pirelli Sotto Zero 3 Winter Tyres (245/45/R17) Used for 2 winters. Absolutely changed the car throughout the colder months - they are brilliant. Around 4-5mm of tread left per tyre (see attached photos). Small nick on one of the wheels (see...
  2. For Sale - GT86 / BRZ Parts/Upgrades
    Gloss black MSW 27 oz racing alloy wheels. Comes with point s tires all in good condition and black nuts and locking wheen nuts to finish them off nice. 18inch by 7.5j. £400ono collection, extra for delivery. Ne24. Message me for more details.
1-2 of 2 Results