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Installing a DashCam

Hi All,

Does anybody have any advice for installing a DashCam in my GT86?

I have a Vava Dashcam from my previous car which has a USB connection on the end of the wire.

As many of you will know, the USB socket under the stereo does not provide power so that's not a option.

A option is to do what I did in my previous car, which was to replace the cigarette lighter in the centre console to a USB socket. However typically, I have found these to be always powered and not ignition dependant.

So in that vein, my other option is to split some wire that is ignition dependant into a USB line (or something) and connect there?

Anybody know which wire I can use/ The best way to go about this?

Appreciate it,
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There is a secret 12V socket in the glove box.
That's what I used to keep my cables hidden.
Its also a switched socket so its only powered when the engine is on.
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I have a power adapter that goes into the fusebox, which is under the steering wheel. It's therefore the same to run to the socket in the dashboard but you have the option to choose ignition or permanent live. Also leaves the socket free.
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In these reduced driving due lockout times, i'd be very careful with anything that will increase permanent power draw. No matter what dashcam manufacturers will claim about charge detect and automatically switching off when low, it will drain main battery quicker, if connected with permanent power feed, it will reduce how long battery won't run flat. So i'd think of power fed only when car is on. During other time in locked powered off car it should be dashcam's duty of having power. Dashcam built in battery, dashcam powering on only by timer or trigger of something, whatever. But i see frequently enough posts about running flat even as it is, on OE batteries, without dashcams. Why make it worse with dashcam?
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Yep, been using Dash Cams for many years. FWIW, Dash Cams don't draw any power from the 12V outlet when the ignition is off, as the 12V outlet is disabled when the ignition is switched off. So that is your best option. It's not advisable to hard-wire dash cams in a way that they will be powered 24/7.

I use the 12V outlet in the glovebox, and have fed the wire up along the seal near the door/A-pillar and up along the top of the windscreen/roof lining.

There is one VERY important thing to remember though with regards to fitting... when feeding the wire up at the top of the A-pillar and across to the roof lining, you must remove the A-pillar trim (carefully pop it off), and feed the wire BEHIND the airbag assembly. Failing to do so and having the wire over the top of the airbag will likely result in your dash cam and/or cable becoming a dangerous projectile should the airbag go off in a collision.
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JESS! What were you thinking, man?

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I never even though of this, might have to get mine moved. Thanks for the heads up!
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A problem I used to encounter was on the cheaper dashcams it would affect the dab radio in my car. I recently bought a nextbase 522 which does not effect the dab radio now. I also have it wired up using the 12v connector in glove box. hope this helps.
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