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Audio upgrade


this is my first proper post here I would like to update the audio in my 2018 GT and while I think that I should manage to implement it myself, I am not particularly experienced with electronics and audio, so I would like to ask a few questions to make sure that I am going in the right direction before I start ordering expensive equipment.

I would like to achieve
  • Considerable upgrade in audio quality
  • Clean, layered, balanced sound (one could say I tend towards "reference" type of sound), with tight and well articulated bass, detailed and crisp trebles and naturally sounding mids.
  • Ability to balance front/rear without obvious drop in sound quality (possible?)
  • Main sound source will be Spotify
  • I would like to fit to about 1000, give or take

What I have in mind
  • One of the latest 7" Joying head units. These should offer very decent sound quality (though most likely not as good as a dedicated amp would deliver) and offer 4 x 50W of power
  • Focal Inside Premium 4.1 package:
  • Two more (probably also Focal) loudspeakers in the rear - most likely larger than the current ones, so this would require more work, I am not 100% sure about this quite yet
  • Use the existing wiring
  • Do proper sound deadening of the doors, rear side panels and the boot.
  • Built some kind of holder/enclosure for the sub so that it fits nearly into the reserve mould.*

My questions
  • Can the setup I have described above deliver the sound quality I am trying to achieve?
  • Does the setup as I described it make sense to you, or would you suggest to go with a different solution?
  • Is keeping the original wiring OK, or does it need replacing?

Thank you
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Oh, didn't know focal did a front plus sub package. Interestingly the ibus 2.1 sub and wiring is available on its own for under 290.

I have the front focal (toy165) speakers as do several others and they work well. I have a tiny inline pioneer amp that provides more power. Really must get around to putting the amp install up as I took several photos as I bought extra mesh covering to route the cables and found a really good spot in the centre console to fit it too that makes it look almost factory fitted

Looking at that and how it's described as 2.1, the sub takes the rear speaker feed as high level input by way of a modified iso loom from the head unit. It means the rear speakers won't have any feed to them so your desire to use existing wiring won't work ☹️

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Hmm .. if one's audio wishes/budget is higher then basic upgrades (eg. like that of IS165TOY + deadening) .. i'd rather think of integrated higher end solution. After all, sound system should be designed to work as a whole, and just being able to mount it is one part of job, other, fine tuning balances of outputs for parts for good results.
For example, one i looked upon was OEM+ audio set, includes all parts, custom sub hausing, tuned dsp and so on.
I myself will probably limit to basic focal upgrade though for budget reasons and due audio not being among priorities and most spendings going elsewhere.
Official toyota JBL audio upgrade imho is too expensive and doesn't net sound quality increase proportional to it's price.
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The Focal package is indeed 2.1 (they have 4.1 for other Toyota models), but that only means that it just needs 2 channels for the speakers and one input for the sub - but the sub is active, so I can use the 2 remaining channels from the head unit for the rear speakers - or so my naive thinking.

I have seen the OEM+ system and it looks interesting. There is actually similar product available in DE:

I am just not sure whether this kind of setups are a good value, or whether one should go the extra mile (when considering this level of investment) and locate a audio car shop and have a custom solution implemented.
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The isub 2.1 plugs into the iso harness

However, after looking at the spec sheet this isub 2.1 has two amplifiers built in. It takes the front speaker output from the iso harness, runs it down to the sub unit and uses it as nput to a 75wrms amp for the sub. It also has a 2x55wrms stereo amp that it then sends back to the iso harness to power the front speakers.

Doesn't say anything about the rear speaker out from the HU but looking at the photos that looks to be fed as is into the iso harness should I guess they are retained

Even if they aren't (and to be honest the rears hardly output any sound in a gt86 so not really missed) this kit is a really good solution for our car as it combines the toy165 component upgrade, ampllfies the front speakers and provides some bass by way of a sub all in one package

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Thank you - I must admit I had to read your answer twice to get the point. Indeed I can only agree with your observation. But they call the system '4.1' and then they also offer a version '6.1' for other car models - e.g. the Corolla

They could still run all the speakers off 2 channels, but I am wondering whether 2x55 W would then be enough. Plus the system would not be able to offer front-rear balance.
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It's just how they represent that you are getting 4 speakers (2 midrange 2 tweeters) plus the sub.

The Corolla will have an additional two co-axial speakers i.e. not component for the rear

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