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Has anybody manage to figure out a fix for the gear lever
rattle that happens at high RPM (5k+)? Recently its gone from being a minor
annoyance to near enough unbearable, it’s starting to dominate the sound within
the cabin. A quick google shows im not alone with this problem and that over in
the US there is a TSB for it. Unfortunately the TSB doesn’t appear to solve the
issue and it’s just a case of luck of the draw. I would prefer just to do a DIY
myself rather than go through the pains of warranty.

For the record it has nothing to do with the gear knob
itself, I’ve driven with that completely removed and it still does the same thing.

Help before I saw off my gear lever

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Buy an auto?

Is it actually the gear change mechanism itself or the surrounding plastics?
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Originally Posted by Sammy
Buy an auto?

Seems a bit extreme when he could saw off the gear lever...
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My gear knob is so heavy it'll need a serious issue before it starts to rattle around. (Raceseng Slammer...) But even with the stock knob I have no rattles at all (maybe because I cant hear em around 6k rpm due to exhaust noise ?? :-) )
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My gearbox & level rattles/shakes very heavy if spinning wheels from stop in low gear. As it's at rear/abnormal scenario, that rarely happens, i simply don't care. Drifting in higher speeds and/or in higher gear there is way less of that.
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I took my car in for a service recently, ive raised the gear stick rattle a few times now with Toyota they confirmed there still isnt a solution available.

Since having the rattle i have changed the gear knob to a slammer which has made no difference.

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Thats right I'd rather saw off my knob than have an auto

I had a Raceseng topologi gearknob which weighed as much as a small moon and that made no difference. The gear knob and its mass has no effect on this rattle as its some part of the lever/linkage mechanism which is rattling.

adri-man that does not fill me with confidence many could argue that I should live with it but I'd tell them to put a bag on bottle tops in their car and tell me its not annoying...

Is it easy to strip down? I may have a look myself, not saying that i will know more than Toyota but if I can come up with a non approved Toyota fix I dont really care.
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Mine rattled too, no solution.
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The way mine rattles, it sounds like it *might* be the cotter/split pin that holds the shaft in the bushing at the bottom of the lever, or the retaining shaft itself. But mine doesn't sound like it's as bad as those described above.

I've been meaning to pull the thing apart to have a poke around, but I just haven't had the free time recently.

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I've had mine at Toyota a few times and they came back unable to find the source of the rattle.

In the end I gave up and jacked to car up to have a look myself, it's bleeding obvious why it rattles!

there is a shaft that the gear leaver pivots on, there are 2 plastic bushes between this shaft and the gear lever, and there is a washer and a circlip to stop the whole lot coming apart.

All this stuff rattles.... you can fill it full of thick grease and it'll stop, for a bit. ideally a replacement poly bush with tighter tolerances would resolve it.

Or remove the circlip and run a die down the shaft and reatin the lot with a nylock.

I did wonder if you could pack the entire assembly out with teflon tape, but seeing as it's a hinged joint I don't think it'd last very long.

I *really* don't understand how Toyota haven't figured out what the issue is or how to fix it, as I spotted it as soon as I wriggled under the car.
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