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Yokohama or Michelin?

My car has just had its first MOT and the rear tyres are nearing the legal limit, what's worse is that one has a nail in it!

The fronts are fine so it looks like two new rears is all I need, the question is do I stick with Yokohama Advan Sport V105s, which came fitted to the car when new or do I change the rears to Michelin Pilot Sport 4s, which seem to get the best reviews amongst GT86 owners, but would then mean I have different tyres on front and rear (but obviously with the intention of switching the fronts to Pilot 4s when needed too)?

To clarify the car isn't tracked, just general road use with the occasional more spirited drive and I have been happy with the Yokos.

Thanks in advance for any opinions.

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Saw your post on the other area. Common problem with only secondary cat. Needs to run Red hot to pass.

On tyres , other than the usual gaga about PS4, you can't go wrong with them. There is much of muchness. I use Eagle F1 Asy5 and love them. The review below rates the 3 ( Conti Pre contact 6, Goodyear Asy5, Michelin PS4) on par with some specific highs and lows. Personally I would not stick to Yokos, nothing wrong just brand preference.

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Any of the above will do nicely - I run the Goodyear Assy 5s, but that came down to what I could get the best deal on. Cashback sites often give decent rates too, I had mine fitted on the drive by Kwik Fit for example.

I see recently that some Avons came well recommended and I was going to buy the Falken Azenis FK510 but got the Goodyears at basically the same cost, so felt the more premium tyres made the most sense.

If you don't have a Quidco, this link will get you 17 sign up bonus plus the cashback. If you do, just make up another email address to get it.....
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I only have experience with the Advans but I think the Michelins will be easier to push in any weather. Advans have average grip in the rain with the occasional dip on some surfaces. They are driftable.They can catch people off guard. Primacy 3 and 4 are easier in the rain(not the HP though ) and I expect the 4S to be less sensitive to surface in a similar manner. But if you don't push the envelope in the rain that will not matter and Yokos are fine.

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