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ARK Grip mounted, new stiffer 50Nm Ohlins springs, Ohlins top mounts, Whiteline roll centre/bump steer kit and Cusco strut brace with brake stopper all finally fitted
Bit wet and windy for some undercar pics so a few quick snaps for now

Really pleased with results. The drive back was a joyous event. It sounds awesome and feels more planted that it ever has. It is difficult to know which has improved the handling the most; the stiffer springs or the roll centre kit, but between them it has much improved things. Spring preload was set as for the new 50Nm spring data and I left the damping at 10 front and 12 rear from stiff so I could best determine a comparison to the softer springs.

The dampers were removed and inspected, and all is well. The Raceseng top mount bearings have no visible damage but as the Ohlins top mounts are now fitted we suspect the bearings were at fault as now, I only have an extremely faint click when the suspension is compressed at low speed.

The replacement bearings have just this week turned up in the UK so I will have them replaced just as soon as and might offer them up for sale.

As for the Ark Grip cat back, all I can say is I am well made up with my eventual choice. The sound it makes even with the stock manifold and cats still in place is awesome At idle you can hear that fat boxer character for the first time. At motorway speeds, thanks to the Helmholtz designed resonators there is absolutely ZERO drone. As for concern about clearance, as well as the stiffer springs the ride height has been slightly lifted at the rear to compensate.

I will get some sound clips once the weather improves

I might have to go to the shops again…………


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