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Looking forward to next week. I have quite an assortment of parts mounting up and with only recently being able to get them booked in next week they will all have to be fitted at the same time. Not always an ideal scenario as it can be difficult to detect the individual benefits they might have. Not in the plan but neither was a worldwide pandemic

New parts to be fitted:

ARK Grip cat back
Whiteline Roll centre/Bump steer kit
Stiffer Ohlins 50Nm springs all round
Ohlins adjustable front top mounts
Porsche brake air scoops
Cusco strut brace and brake stopper

Due to some knocking issues at the strut tops mentioned in previous posts the Ohlins coilovers will be coming off for an inspection as will the Raceseng top mounts. I would much rather the bearings in the top mounts are at fault rather than an issue with the dampers as that would mean a warranty claim and back to stock suspension for a PITA long period. If it is the bearings, I have some Ohlins top mounts to go on and some new Raceseng bearings are already on the way from the USA.

The ARK cat back sits a little lower than the stock one due to the Helmholtz resonators so I am hoping the stiffer springs will lift the back end otherwise we might have to raise the rear ride height a touch to compensate.

If all goes well and all the new parts go on, it would be nice to get a track day in before the year is up
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