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After a completely unanticipated delay due to you no what I have been beavering away over the last few months ordering another round of goodies. I have been on the look out for some forged alloys for a long while and whilst I was not prepared to spend upwards of £3k on a new set I nevertheless assumed some used examples would have come along by now. But alas for one reason or another I’ve not managed to secure any. I’m happy with my Rota Titans, there surprisingly light for their size (17x9) and I have had zero issues with them on road or track but I always intended to purchase two sets. So after spending way too much time trawling the net and finding out the wait for my first two options were going to take me into Spring 2021 I have finally pulled the plug on some Works Kiwamis in 18x8.5J in Bronze. They look set to land end of Dec/Early Jan.

Next up is an ARK Grip Cat back system and that is due next week. After much deliberation between polished and burnt tips I went for polished

After spending approx. 18 months with the Ohlins R & T MP21’s with the softer spring set (40/30) I have ordered up a set of 50Nm springs as they are currently recommending. As I have had a progressively annoying noisy ' clonk' up front with what looks like a bearing issue with the Raceseng top mounts I will soon be getting them taken off and looked at. It’s not 100% conclusive it is the bearings until they are off and inspected so there is a slight a slight chance it could be a damper. Meanwhile Raceseng have kindly offered to send out some new bearings once they have finished the next production run but meanwhile I bit a sour bullet and grabbed a front set of Ohlins own top mounts in case they take a while to arrive. I then have an option if the Raceseng’s are at fault to not have to revert to stock springs and dampers. If the Ohlins are the issue, which I really hope are not, then I have a few months of warranty left to get them sorted and I at least have the option to add the Ohlins top mounts to the stock dampers to retain a preferred degree of camber. Not an option with the Raceseng as they are Ohlins specific shock bushings.

Finally, I have been in touch with TD and hopefully Mike will still be offering a Black Friday sale. If they do, I will defo be booking it in for their N/A tuning package.

Best get researching on tyre choices

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