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Rookie Modification Question: 1k to spend

Hey Guys

Happy to admit I've never modified a car, my mechanical knowledge is basic, and I'm not cash rich.

I've been looking at all the classifieds, projects, upgrades and discussions on this site. Learned so much already. Theres clearly loads of you that know your stuff.

I have 1K to spend on my stock GT86. What do I spend it on? Why? I'm thinking about mods which are affordable (happy to buy second hand parts) but really add to the performance and/or feel of the car.

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Tyres! They won't make you faster at traffic lights but they can turn the car into a cornering monster or in a dancing ballerina.
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.. and also in some cases reduce specific types of fun.
I'd probably on completely unmolested yet car would get for half the money front camberbolts, performance alignment, track brake pads and fluid, and another half spend on 2-4 trackdays (no clue, how much they cost in UK) and fuel for them
But normal people .. imho worth getting some comfort mods. For example, reverse camera, better headunit and speakers and such. Serious mods for engine performance or suspension may cost more so then mentioned sum, not sure i'd wish to put cheap china crap because it's only that can be afforded within low budget.
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I can be clear about where all the money for upgrades has gone to in my case: to driver upgrades. I still think that was money well spent. There are huge upgrades to be gotten there.

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It really depends what you're looking to achieve with your car, and how you'll use it - you should never modify for the sake of it, anything you do should be to improve something you think could be better, and you should know why you're making those changes. Otherwise you're making it someone else's car; their taste and the way they use their car might be very different to you.

I'd agree that tyres are a good 'modification' if you're still on Primacies; they're hopeless on anything except a warm and dry day. And we don't get many of those.

Beyond that there are lots of little things that you can do, you could easily get half a dozen modifications for your budget. Best idea is to look through people's build threads and see what they've done, if you have any questions on specific mods then ask that person about it.
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Have you removed the sound generator yet? Super easy to do and it costs a few pounds for the blanking cap for the intake hose and the hole in the cab. No artificial engine noise anymore! If you spend around £100 for a new air intake hose (like the Mishimoto) you don't need a intake hose blanking cap, and the air flows better.

Air filter upgrade also costs around £30 and that's one of the first things I did.
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Leonard - Did I see that yours was a 61 Plate? Not sure if the previous owner added in a central arm rest but this was the first thing I got sourced and added - Around £120 for the part but worth it for the comfort.

Agree with the other posts - Need to decide what you want the mods for - style, comfort, performance etc. As there are many posts/pictures on here for all areas if you dig about for them, chances are someone has done something similar.

I was going to go down the styling/comfort route and add skirts/spoiler and change the head unit/speakers but decided to go straight for performance as its where I enjoy the car most.
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I painted my wheels for about a fiver, the change in looks with a solid colour instead of two is phenomenal!

(Well to me at least....).

£995 change too.
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>really add to the performance and/or feel of the car<

Import an Open Flash Tablet, buy a used OEM manifold and have an exhaust shop weld in straight pipe to replace the cat and swap the manifolds. Flash to Stage 2+. You'll gain 15whp and remove most of the torque dip. Change from £1,000 and easy to return to stock for sale.
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