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Tentatively looking for a GT86

Hi all

TLDR Version: Got a car that I could sell to fund a GT86, but don’t want to throw away too much money, so trying to determine and take the community view on what the best time to buy would be to limit this, if at all possible.

Firstly I hope everyone is safe and well in our current climate, and secondly thanks for having me here! Will try not to bore you too much and I’m very aware how fortunate I am in current times to face the non ‘problem’ I have created for myself here! (small minded car fan)

I’m joining the forum as a fan of the GT86 since it’s release, and as a 20-something year old, it was never something I could afford to buy. I am guilty of spending money on cars and buying/selling cars frequently and losing money in the process – which I’m reminded of every time a new car arrives or a family member sees me (yawn!).
Fast forward 7/8 years and I’ve not long since won once of those car raffle competitions in the form of a 2002 JDM EP3 Civic. Now not being a major Honda fan, definitely a Toyota/lexus man at heart (Yaris, Celica, IS300, LS400 to name a few of my fondest memories), and not having the opportunity to give it a decent drive with Covid lurking etc- I’m grateful for it but at the same time I don’t love it like I thought I would. Apart from the Recaro interior.

I’m really wanting to scratch my itch with the GT86 and sell the Civic, which I’m hopeful could fetch somewhere in the region just below the 10k mark. The flip side, everything I’m reading is suggesting this value will remain somewhat constant, or even increase once the UKDM versions are all written off/modified to within an inch of their lives or broken for parts – how long this will be nobody knows. It also means I’m almost afraid to drive it for fear of ruining it and it’s value not being maintained – something I’ve completely fabricated in my own head – bizarre how the mind works.

Trying to figure out just how much more depreciating the GT86 is likely to do (I know it’s impossible to predict without a crystal ball, and this isn’t or shouldn’t be why you buy a car), and wondering what the community POV is on this? To me they’re not at a bad place at the moment and I was surprised to see the prices of them still relatively high.
Ideally I’d pick up an 86 and it would purely be an evenings and weekender vehicle, and something I’d keep for the foreseeable as it’s one of the cars I’ve pined for, for many years – and in the end probably retire it to the garage as a project to do all sorts to (pipe dreams no doubt). Also a matter of getting the wife on board, but I'm sure she'll come around! So in reality depreciation shouldn't bother me, but I like value for money. Which is leading me to think around about now is a decent time to buy before they get taken up by the masses and run into the ground

I’m also thankful for the many posts on here with what to look for when buying etc, finding a lot to look through which is always helpful!

Thanks for reading!

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Definitely do test drive first. It sounds that your expectations of it are high .. but twins are not cars without flaws/specifics. If one's expectations/preferences are different and/or if use/driving type will differ from where car's pros outweight cons, then one may feel even disappointment. Hence imho worth doing proper testdrive, and especially covering where car will be driven from your common routes and also where it may do well, eg. twisty b-roads ..
Otherwise with all the praising reviews some may really be put off, when they initially actually expected something else. Something fast/pushing in seats from more power instead of momentum car, something more practical or comfortable, not cheap lightweight coupe with some comfort & practicality sacrificed.
To mentioned cars .. it will be better looking and RWD vs civic. But also less practical and possibly noisier. And i guess that engines of those lexus-es are more powerful and they don't lack in practicality & comfort.
If you are looking on getting twin for as cheap as possible, that probably will mean earlier ones .. i'd check if valve spring recall has already been done. And probably would prefer for it to not be overmodified, rather closer to stock. Tastes after all differ (visual mods wise), and some may (performance / suspension) mod mindlessly and even make car worse in few areas.
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They don't sell in huge numbers and the demand for used ones is quite strong, so I don't think they will drop much below 10k really.

I'd say find a car which still needs the valve spring recall doing, haggle them down. Take it to one of the good dealers to do a top job of it (and also a good chance to check the health of the internals, which isn't a chance you usually get), drive around in the loan car for a week. Once done it's like having a new engine again and you get an extra years warranty from the day it's completed. Bargain :P
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Welcome and good luck with your search. Good advice here. The recall gets that rare opportunity to have an 86 health checked and possible clutch and plugs replacement with a shorter bill of no labour cost. . Like you I pined for an 86 and I don't regret one second of ownership. A test drive will really help.
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